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Barbie Blank三级,Barbie Blank个人资料

  Barbie Blank
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  Overview (3)
  Date of Birth 15 January 1987, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  Birth Name Barbara Jean Blank
  Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
  Mini Bio (1)
  Barbie Blank was a full-time bikini model for Venus Swimwear until she signed a developmental contract with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) on May 13, 2006. John Laurinaitis saw her in a bikini catalog and contacted her modeling agency about hiring her and Victoria Crawford. Barbie signed with WWE after her agent advised her to, and reported to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) for further training. Even though Barbie was called onto the main roster, she flies back to Louisville, Kentucky to OVW once a week and works at house shows as a ring announcer and referee along with Crawford, going by her ring name Alicia Fox. On June 24, 2006 at OVW TV tapings, Barbie made her OVW debut as Kelly and participated in a bikini contest. The other participants in the competition were Roni Jonah, Sosay, ODB (Jessica Kresa), and Daisy Mae. Nobody won the contest because ODB attacked all the divas. Barbie, now known as "Kelly Kelly" had no prior wrestling experience before being signed by the WWE. She is the youngest female member on the WWE/ECW roster starting out at the age of 19. Barbie made her debut known as "Kelly Kelly" on the June 13, 2006 edition of ECW. Her first role on ECW was an exhibitionist that did a series of striptease segments for the audience. As of July 2008, she was drafted to the WWE Raw brand. Then in April 2010, she was drafted to the Smackdown brand. After the brand switches between both shows she was drafted back to Raw in April 2011. She won her first WWE Divas Championship in June against Brie Bella and then lost the title in October to Beth Phoenix. Following many unsuccessful attempts to win the WWE Divas Championship, she later participated in several tag team matches. At WrestleMania XXVIII (2012), she teamed with Extra (1994) correspondent Maria Menounos to defeat Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres in a tag team match. In June, she took time off from WWE before returning in August defeating Eve Torres in a singles match. In September 2012, she was released from WWE. She later stated in an interview that she needed time off to heal from a neck injury and had plans to model.
  在2006年5月13日,她与WWE(世界摔跤娱乐)签订了一份发展合同。John Laurinaitis在一本比基尼目录中看到了她,并联系了她的模特经纪公司雇佣她和维多利亚.克劳福德。芭比与WWE签下了她的经纪人的建议,并向OVW(俄亥俄山谷摔跤)进行了进一步的培训。尽管芭比被叫到主花名册上,她还是会飞回肯塔基州的路易斯维尔(Louisville),每周去一次奥维(OVW),在house演出的时候,她还会和克劳福德(Crawford)一起担任环形播音员和裁判,她的名字是艾丽西亚.福克斯(Alicia Fox)。2006年6月24日,在OVW电视录制节目中,芭比娃娃首次以Kelly的方式亮相,并参加了比基尼比赛。比赛的其他参与者是罗妮.约拿,索说,奥多比(杰西卡.克雷萨)和黛西.梅。没有人赢得比赛,因为ODB攻击了所有的divas。芭比娃娃现在被称为“凯利.凯利”,在被WWE签下之前,她没有任何摔跤前的经历。她是WWE / ECW花名册上最年轻的女性成员,从19岁开始。2006年6月13日,芭比娃娃首次以“凯利.凯利”的名字亮相。她在ECW上的第一个角色是一个展示者,她为观众做了一系列的脱衣舞表演。截至2008年7月,她应征加入WWE原品牌。然后在2010年4月,她被调到Smackdown品牌。在这两场时装秀的品牌切换之后,她于2011年4月被重新起草。她在六月赢得了第一个WWE Divas冠军,并在10月输给了Beth Phoenix。在多次尝试获得WWE Divas冠军之后,她又参加了几场比赛。在《摔跤狂》(2012)中,她与《额外》(1994)的记者玛丽亚.曼努诺斯(Maria Menounos)合作,在一场比赛中击败贝丝.菲尼克斯(Beth Phoenix)和伊芙.托雷斯(Eve Torres)。今年6月,她从WWE出发,在8月份的一场单打比赛中击败了伊芙.托雷斯。2012年9月,她从WWE获释。她后来在接受采访时表示,她需要时间来治疗颈部受伤,并计划建立模型。
  Spouse (1)
  Sheldon Souray (27 February 2016 - present)
  Trivia (16)
  Had no previous wrestling experience prior to being signed by WWE.
  As of 2006 was a model working for World Wrestling Entertainment under the ECW as "Kelly Kelly".
  She did gymnastics when she was younger and hoped to go to the Olympics but she had to give it up as she broke her tail bone when she was 10.
  Favorite actress is Julia Roberts.
  Favorite WWE Superstar is Elizabeth Hulette also known as Miss Elizabeth.
  Wonder Woman is her favorite Superhero.
  Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked her #32 of the PWI Best 50 Female Singles Wrestlers 2008.
  Her WWE Finisher is called K2 which is a leg drop bulldog.
  她的WWE Finisher叫做K2,这是一条腿上的斗牛犬。
  Studied Broadcast Journalism in the hope that she would become a television anchor.
  She used to be a cheerleader.
  Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked her #34 in best 50 female singles wrestlers in PWI Female 50 in 2009.
  She was drafted back to Raw the day after WrestleMania XXVII (2011). Later won her first WWE Divas Championship on Raw June 20, 2011, after she defeated then champion, Brie Bella (Brianna Garcia).
  在《摔跤手》(2011年)之后,她又重新回到了原处。2011年6月20日,在她击败冠军后,她获得了第一个WWE Divas冠军。
  In July 2008 she was traded to WWE's RAW brand.
  In April 2010 she was traded to the SmackDown Brand.
  She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.
  On 2/27/16 she married her boyfriend of four years Sheldon Souray following an 18-month-long engagement.
  在2 / 27 / 16岁时,她和她的男友在长达18个月的订婚后,与她的男友结婚4年。
  Personal Quotes (1)
  All of the WWE Divas are awesome and amazing to watch. It's really exciting to know that I'll be working with them! I would love to work with any of them!
  所有的WWE Divas都棒极了,令人惊叹。知道我会和他们一起工作真是令人兴奋! !我愿意和他们中的任何一个人一起工作! !
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