文章简介:步兵片欧美AV的一种分类简称,通常指欧美的无码影片,如欧美知名片商Tokyo Hot等的影片多为此类型。许多网友都在搜索“Demida步兵无码”,小编在此奉劝各位网友,珍惜身体,远离相关视频的毒害,下面是小编收集的Demida相关信息内容。

  Not known
  Not known
  Years Active:
  2012 to Present
  Sindey, Kitana


  Demida is a hot chick from the frozen tundra of Russia. She also goes by the names Sindey and Kitana and she started shooting adult films when she was 21 in 2012. The brunette cutie was born on May 5, 1991. She barely has A cup titties stuffed into her bra because all her pillow packing ended up in her tight rump. She's got a bubble butt that looks super hot in a thong. Her mind is extremely creative and she loves when she gets to show off her blowjob skills on her unsuspecting scene partners. She gets fucked right next to Mya Dark in the Evil Playground's skin flick Russian Schoolgirls: Oral Lessons. Watching a cock disappear down Demida's throat is like a little slice of heaven. Her tongue swirls around the inside of her mouth while she lubes him up with all her saliva. She also gets to sit on the dick of Oliver Strelly in the Pervision movie, Butt Babes 1. When she stretches her butthole wide open, you can see her hold her breath until the cock is buried deep inside her. Just like Lovely Irine, Demida knows how to party. She loves hanging out with her friends and flirting with all the guys who buy her drinks. Her bubbly personality and need for buttsex are always a hit when she hooks up after hours. Those guys never know what hit them. They can't believe their luck when they end up in bed, getting down with a porn star who is local to them.
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