Vera Vaughn步兵无码

文章简介:步兵片欧美AV的一种分类简称,通常指欧美的无码影片,如欧美知名片商Tokyo Hot等的影片多为此类型。许多网友都在搜索“Vera Vaughn步兵无码”,小编在此奉劝各位网友,珍惜身体,远离相关视频的毒害,下面是小编收集的Vera Vaughn相关信息内容。

  5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  108 lbs (49 kg)

  Porno was never a career for Vera Vaughn. As a 19-year-old rebel, she filmed a few videos and got out of the business rather quickly. She's a sexy Latina who just wanted to test the waters and see what making adult films was like. Her figure is extremely curvy and she stands 5'6" tall. With a set of D cups topping her off, Vera is the real deal and the total package. This cock-craving brunette loves to get on her knees and let her man give it to her doggie style while her ass is in the air. There's something about her needy, dripping pussy that makes every dick in the room turn to granite. Vera is gorgeous, but she's not just another pretty face. She also has a good head on her shoulders to go along with that tasty bit of pink between her legs. Vaughn loves to be completely naked when she is bumming around her house. If your body sizzles as much as hers, you don't need any clothes to flaunt your assets. In the 2013 Mofos flick Real Slut Party 15, Vera gets down to business with her male co-star and the sexy Nina Lopez at the same time. That tasty bit of smut also stars the perky titties of Anastasia Morna, Cameron Dee and Luna Star. Whenever Vera is around, boners are bound to pop and pussies are destined to drip. Vaughn is on hiatus from the adult industry for now, but she claims to be interested in continued success in the scene, albeit with different representation.
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